Remnants of the Day

I have a bin that I toss all my fabric remnants into.  Not all scraps go into this bin, the larger pieces I take the time to press, fold and store on my work shelf, but a large number get tossed in to be dealt with another day. The next thing I know, another day… Continue reading Remnants of the Day

Pearls of wisdom

After I opened my first shop on Etsy for quite a while I found myself stumbling around trying to get the hang of things.  I visited lots of shops, returning the favor to ones who had stopped in at mine, but mostly just wandering around like a lost soul it seemed.  Then one day I… Continue reading Pearls of wisdom

In search of horizons

Where we live, here in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, we enjoy fairly mild winters compared to most places in Canada.  But the pay off for that is many cloudy gray days.  Today, the clouds are laying low, a gray fuzzy blanket that totally obscures the mountains making it appear we live on flat… Continue reading In search of horizons