I’ve been sewing, crafting and creating art practically my whole life.  At about the age of five I was taught how to embroider on pillowcases and tea towels, and before this age of throw away, how to darn the holes in my socks.  My grandmothers were my mentors and are my inspiration to this day.  Both were seamstresses, creative and practical, their skills supplementing the family income and also providing them with a creative outlet.  I guess that is why to this day, sewing and the creative projects I do are as vital to me as the air that I breathe.

I just can’t imagine living a life where I am unable to create.  Now that I am over the age of sixty I cherish more and more each and everyday, thankful for the creative day ahead of me.

I have sold my products in brick and mortar shops and craft fairs, but now I sell only online, first with a shop on Etsy and now also on my website, Paper, Purls and Stitches, in partnership with my crafty card making sister Lisa, where you will find our paper, knit and sewn creations.  If you are so inclined, we invite you to visit our selling venues to see all the things we have created, either to buy or just for inspiration.

Like a little bee, not content with just one flower, I flit from one craft or art form to another.  But, variety is the spice of life, is it not?  However, sewing, knitting and paper crafts have always been at the core of my artistic life, so I hope that you will find my writing about them as interesting as the projects themselves.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have yourself a wonderful day!




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