Pearls of wisdom

After I opened my first shop on Etsy for quite a while I found myself stumbling around trying to get the hang of things.  I visited lots of shops, returning the favor to ones who had stopped in at mine, but mostly just wandering around like a lost soul it seemed.  Then one day I received an invitation to join a team.  Now I was not at all familiar with teams, but I loved the name of this one, ‘The A4 Team”, and Marg the team captain was very kind and encouraging, so how could I not accept this invitation.

The A4 Team is heavily focused on reciprocal promotion, and it works!  Marg, and her leaders are kind, patient and encouraging, fostering an excellent team spirit for the group, and if you follow their advice, participate in the promotional threads you cannot be anything but great.

Two of my shops now have more than a thousand followers each, and my third and latest shop has just hit the 500 mark.  If you are going to do any kind of business online, you will have to work your fingers off, but if you have a shop on Etsy, consider joining a team like the A4 Team to help you with your success.  The friends you make and pearls of wisdom you gather will add to your riches.

The fresh water pearl necklace and bracelet are my recent vintage jewelry purchase from Marg’s Etsy shop, ‘Margs Mostly Vintage‘.  I’m a big fan of her shop, most especially her vintage brooches, but when I saw this pearl set, I knew I just had to have it. Marg’s shop has more than just jewelry, so if your a fan of vintage I encourage you to check it out.

The jewelry box in the photo is one I made from a small cardboard box.  It’s amazing what you can do with some hot glue, fabric, trim and embellishments, so before you toss that box into the recycling how about transforming it…there are so many possibilities!