Remnants of the Day

I have a bin that I toss all my fabric remnants into.  Not all scraps go into this bin, the larger pieces I take the time to press, fold and store on my work shelf, but a large number get tossed in to be dealt with another day.

The next thing I know, another day has arrived and I am forced to deal with an avalanche of fabric bits and pieces.003  This mound of remnants lies in a big heap atop my dining room table, covering its entire surface.  I’ve been working my way through it for more than a week now.

These remnants are like a treasure trove to me.  It’s fun to discover bits and pieces of fabrics I have fond memories of working with and I feel invigorated by the challenge of coming up with creative ways to make use of them.  So far I have made up little wristlets that I am selling at my Red Leaf Stitch Craft 004shop and mug mats at my Tea Cozy Cupboard shop.  As I make my way through this mountain of fabric I am excited by all the ideas I am coming up with, my only stumbling block is finding the time to make them and deal with the mess I have.  Truly if I was really smart, I would make myself deal with the scraps as they come up, but where would be the fun of discovery in a nice tidy stack of cloth?  A part of me feels envy when I view photos of neat and organized work rooms.  I get how much more functional they are to work in, but honestly I am not one of those type of people that can work that way.  If I was, my work room would look as neat and as tidy as day when I first moved into it.  However, my excuse for working in a mess is clearly explained on a sign I have posted on the wall above my sewing desk that reads, ‘A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind’.  At the moment I would describe my working space more like chaos than a mess, but the state of my workspace is a story for another day.

Whether it’s a remnant of fabric, a remnant of the day or of your memory, one should take the time to see if a treasure can be created from or found in their midst.