Salute to Coffee

I poured myself a cup of coffee, turned on my computer, and what should pop up in my mail, but an advert from Staples announcing it was International Coffee Day.

As far as I am concerned, everyday is coffee day.  I love my morning coffee, and it is rare that I start a day without it. I am like everyone else who grabs their cup of Joe for that hot kick start of caffeine, but I also savour warm childhood memories that come to me when I drink my coffee.

I fondly recall as a child, the rich aroma of my Grandma’s percolated coffee.  It filled the kitchen and smelled so good that I always begged and pleaded with her to let me have a cup.  She always made a show of resisting me at first, claiming that it would stunt my growth.  I didn’t care, I would vow to eat my vegetables or do whatever was required to grow as long as I could have a cup of coffee.  Eventually she would cave in and carefully prepare me a cup, more warm milk than coffee I’m sure, along with a healthy spoonful of sugar.  It was always the sweetest tasting elixir, and I was in coffee heaven!

You know with all the coffee shops, coffee varieties and ways to make it, I have never ever been able to find a cup of coffee that tasted as good as Grandma’s.  Maybe it wasn’t just the coffee, but the memories, and that magical time of my childhood spent in her kitchen.

I can’t blame the lack of my height on my love of coffee….when you are child everyone is tall and as an adult of five foot, two and a half inches tall, I’m still kind of short, but I can boast of being one of the tallest in the family!

A great way to make coffee is to use a French Press Coffee Maker, and I have created a cozy that is made using a double layer cotton quilt batting for insulation to keep your pot warm, and using a variety of fashion print cotton fabrics, your coffee pot can match your character or your kitchen decor.

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