In search of horizons

Where we live, here in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, we enjoy fairly mild winters compared to most places in Canada.  But the pay off for that is many cloudy gray days.  Today, the clouds are laying low, a gray fuzzy blanket that totally obscures the mountains making it appear we live on flat land, only with no horizon in sight.

This morning, in search of some inspiration and enlightenment, I came across this photo I took last month when days like this one drive us out to seek sunshine.  Just looking this picture showing a vista that I know is there, but for the moment is only playing hide and seek with the clouds makes me feel a little lighter in the heart and sparks my energy.

I truly feel for the folks back east who are experiencing all kinds of horrible winter weather.  I can just imagine how depressing it must be to feel like it will never end.  Today I will try to ignore the lack of sunshine, be thankful that my snow shovel is stored away for the season, and remind myself that spring is just on the horizon.